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Recreation and fun Llama pack hiking and treks in Kalispell and the Flathead Valley

Llama Pack Trips and Pricing

Our trips and events are designed to allow you to create an experience with our various animals and to help capture that special moment to share with your friends and family.

Our llamas are also available for farm tours, birthday parties, holiday and special events.
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The Ranch Visit:

This is for those of you that don’t want to take a hike but think llamas are super cool and would like to just hang out with them…and feed them of course. You will learn a little bit about llamas in general as well as some interesting details about our herd. The cute factor will be off the charts!

$35 per person


The Ranch Hike:

You will be led by one of our guides around our property of woodlands and farm ground. You will learn a little about the flora and fauna in our region that makes NW Montana such a special place. The hike takes place on relatively flat ground so you need not be a hiker to participate in this fantastic experience.

Small trip - $45 per person

Medium Trip - $60 per person



Sauna with a Llama:

This package will treat you to a wonderful hike around Plaid Swan and Red Ryder Ranches and will end with your ability to take an authentic Nordic sauna for 30 minutes to cap off your walk and prepare to relax for the remainder of your day. This is a truly unique experience and one you need to add to your personal self-care routine. We will provide a changing area for you as well as robes for your use but due to size constraints, we limit this experience to just four people. Unfortunately the llamas will not be able to join you in the sauna!

$75 per person


Llamas, Sunsets and Smores:

This evening hike starts just before sunset and will feature a trip around the property capped off with an experience at one of our ranch’s many fire pits. This trip gives you the unique opportunity to experience our beautiful Montana sunsets and capture it with a llama of your choice. We provide the goodies for smores as well as any bottled water; any other snacks or beverages of your choice would be provided by you.

$75 per person