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Llamas in the Flathead Valley Montana



Hi we’re Dave and Kim and our families and friends grew up backpacking, hunting and fishing all over the west and thus were always looking for a way to share the load as well as increase our comfort in the backcountry. We had always heard about utilizing llamas as pack animals but had never really considered it until we ran across some friends over in Idaho who had been utilizing Ccara Llamas for over a decade. They educated us on the many benefits of using llamas in the backcountry and after meeting them and their herd, we purchased our first two, pregnant female llamas, Kara and Tiger Lilly! Then upon moving to the Flathead Valley we became acquainted with the owners of a local ranch that had been raising, breeding and packing llamas since the '80s which just solidified our decision to begin building our herd. Our llamas are housed at the Red Ryder Ranch and the adjoining Plaid Swan Ranch which sit at the base of the Swan Mountains and include fabulous views of the Jewel Basin, one of NW Montana’s most unique hiking areas.

Being in such a tourism-centric area we decided to utilize our beautiful piece of property to not only educate our new friends on these unique and friendly animals but also offer the ability to take in some of NW Montana’s best views and landscape. We look forward to sharing our fabulous camelid family with yours!



Each year Red Ryder Ranch will have llamas to offer for sale. We will post all our new crias (baby llamas) and will make notations if these animals will be for sale. Otherwise, feel free to contact us to discuss any of your needs or wants regarding llamas.


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Red Ryder Llama Ranch has some fun items we offer to our visitors and participants in our holiday and regional programs.  We hope you will find something that catches your eye.


Llama Beans

Llama beans are the best available natural fertilizer with some key qualities that differentiate the product from other manure fertilizers. Llama beans have the right stuff to make your plants healthy. They are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Unlike cow or horse manure, you don’t have to wait for llama beans to break down before you use them. They will not “burn” your plants if you use them directly from the animals. If you’re interested in purchasing some please contact us.



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